James's story

James is an 81 year old gentleman that has a complex history of medical conditions that have impacted greatly on his functional levels. James is dependent on carers to manage his personal care tasks whilst remaining in the bed and to provide support with many daily tasks. James is unable to mobilise and is dependent on a hoist for all transfers. James needs to be turned from one side to the other to enable the carers to carry out his personal care tasks and to place the sling. Unfortunately, the carers were struggling to keep James safe as when he was turned he was very near the edge of the bed placing him at risk of falling.
An alternative intervention was required. Provision of a standard bariatric 1200mm wide bed was considered however this would have compromised the space in the bedroom. Adequate space between James’s bed and his wife’s bed was required for the shower chair that he was hoisted into as well the space required for the carers assisting him. The 1200mm wide bed would not have allowed for the space required. A Floorbed 1 plus at 1050mm wide was put in place for a trial. This provided the additional space that was required to turn James safely from his back onto either side without him laying right on the edge of the bed, reducing the risk of bed falls. In addition, the space between the two beds was adequate and enabled the carers to carry out their tasks safely and appropriately.


The FloorBed 1 plus which is an ultra low nursing bed of 1050 mm wide gave James the space required to enable him to be turned without being placed at risk of bed falls whilst still accommodating the space required for basic furniture, his wife’s bed, the shower chair and space for the carers to assist with all tasks. In addition, the FloorBed 1 plus which has full profiling mechanisms has enabled the carers to assist James with all personal care tasks and transfers in a much safer way.

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