Freda's story

Freda's story

Freda is an 81-year-old lady who lives alone and is independent with all activities of daily living. Freda values her independence greatly and is determined to retain her independence. Freda was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis approximately 3 years ago which causes her great pain and restricted range of movement in her hips and knees. This restricted range of movement and pain impacts greatly on Freda’s transfers. Freda is just 5 foot tall and weighs approximately 70kg. The majority of Freda’s weight is around her abdomen. The combination of the additional weight, mass and poor muscle tone
in her abdomen increase the difficulties she experiences with bed mobility and transfers.

Freda contacted her Occupational Therapist and explained that when sat on her profiling bed at the lowest point, she was unable to retain contact with the floor. Not only did this reduce her stability, her poor abdominal strength and the soft surface of the mattress caused her great difficulty in shuffling back on to the bed to obtain a more supported, seated position. As a result, Freda remained near the edge of the bed as she attempted to lift her legs in to bed. This not only required great effort, but had resulted in Freda slipping off the edge of the bed on three occasions. Fortunately Freda had not experienced any significant injuries. However, following the falls she struggled to stand and reported feeling embarrassed and anxious about carrying out further bed transfers.


A FloorBed was put into place for a trial. The floor level function of the FloorBed enabled Freda’s feet to retain contact with the floor once sat on the bed. This not only enabled Freda to retain a safer, supported seated position, but also allowed her to use her feet to assist with shuffling back on to the bed. Once Freda was safely sat on the bed, she lowered the bed even further enabling her to slide her legs into bed with minimal effort rather than having to lift them. The provision of the FloorBed not only reduced the risk of a bed fall injury, it significantly reduced Freda’s difficulties with all aspects of bed mobility and transfers, reduced her anxieties and enabled Freda to continue to transfer in and out of bed independently.

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