Sheila's Story

Sheila's Story

In 2012, 53 year old Sheila was involved in an accident which resulted in an acquired brain injury. Sheila’s physical function was greatly affected and she now requires a hoist for all transfers. Sheila’s cognitive function was also affected, resulting in behavioural difficulties, poor risk awareness and impulsive behaviours which place her at significant risk if alone. Sheila is not aware of her physical
limitations and when left alone, she attempts to transfer out of the bed or chair thus increasing her risk of significant injuries.

Sheila is a resident in a neuro-rehab unit and has one to one supervision 24 hours a day due to her poor risk awareness and active movements.

Sheila was provided with a profiling bed and side rails were installed to reduce the risk of her falling from the bed. However, Sheila tended to hold onto the rails and try to pull herself up and over them. A carer was always available to reduce the risk of injuries and Sheila has not experienced any falls from the bed as a result of this supervision.


A FloorBed was put into place for a trial and the carers lowered the bed following each transfer into bed. With a mattress platform height of just 7cm from the ground, the need for bed rails was negated as the risk of a bed fall and associated injuries was so low.

By removing the bed rails, Sheila does not have anything to pull herself up on or knock into which reduces the risk of injury and the strain on the carers. Although Sheila still requires 24 hour supervision, the carers have reported that the risks are lower and they are not having to intervene as frequently.